Thursday, October 30, 2014

You Have GOT to See This!!

OH WOW!!  Look at the special that Sharon is running this weekend at The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store!!  It's like Black Friday a month early!!!!  Buy a "Treat Box" (a $100 value for only $50.00!) and get free shipping on the rest of your order, too!  So what's a treat box?  It's a surprise package filled with paper, ribbon and embellishments.  Here's a sample picture of ONE box.  Not three boxes, but ONE!

Don't you love how everything coordinates!!  Of course all the boxes will be different, but Sharon promises that things will still coordinate and you'll be sure to love whatever you get!  And with getting 50% off on all the goodies in the TREAT BOX and FREE SHIPPING on the rest of your order, you can pick up a few more things for your stamping fun, or for Christmas presents for a stamping friend!  Head over to the blog for more information!!

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Judy said...

Great. Thanks.