Monday, August 19, 2013

The MFT Elf's Blueprints Challenge - DETAILS HERE!!

Hello friends!  Welcome to the MFT elf's Blueprints Challenge!!  Who is the MFT elf, you ask?  Well, actually, no one seems to know, but he came to life during the last MFT release party in this poem that I wrote on a whim...

Once there was a little elf 
Who lived at MFT
While other elves would pack and ship
A playing he would be.

First he found a protractor,
And then a metal ruler
And then he started drawing things
That couldn't have been cooler.

He started off with Blueprints One,
And added something grand - 
Sweetly stitched embellishments
That we don't do by hand!

A trip into the attic
Inspired Blueprints Two...
A ladder, tag and oval frame
And more stitched accents... SWOON!

Soon Blueprints Three was on the way,
And Elf said with a smirkle,
"I know, I know what I will do!
I'll pierce this strip and circle!"

"I need a heart," he said one day.
And how would a star do?
Blueprints Four will have them - 
And a mini scallop, too!

"Let's make mats with rounded corners,
Bracket dies and flowers sweet.
Blueprints Five's my finest yet!
It just can't be beat!"

But then one day, he thought, AHA!
And there was Blueprints Six!
With doily edges, frames and tags,
And buttons in the mix!

I saw the Elf the other day,
As busy as a bee.
Might there be a Blueprints Seven?
Guess we'll wait and see!

Well, one thing led to another, and at the end of the party Kim, the MFT Lady herself!, sent back this poem on behalf of the elf ...

Once there was a little elf,
Who was busy as can be,
Hard at play, all by himself,
Making Blueprints for MFT.

The little elf received a gift; 
A special poem for him.
His response was rather swift,
From ear to ear, he grinned.

He contrived the perfect stint,
Nothing would bring more joy,
Than to gift those beloved Blueprints,
For a special girl to enjoy.

He knew she had just 1 and 3,
But that just wasn't right.
He had to send out 2 and 4,
On that very night.

But even still it didn't seem,
Like that was quite sufficient.
Suddenly, his face, it BEAMED,
He knew his final mission.

He grabbed set 5 and then set 6,
And added them together.
A box of goodies he did ship,
To give her quite the treasure.

The moral of this story,
Is this simple bit of news.
Poems bring quite the glory,
To both elf and his muse.


Wasn't that just the most amazing gift???  I was OVER.THE.MOON!  I love, love, love my Blueprints DieNamics - as I think everyone does who tries them.  Have you seen the product review over at Splitcoast???  Anyway, my mission over the next several months is to make a card with each of the provided sketches for each of the sets of Blueprints that I have.... and I'm hoping some of you will join me!!

I'm going to start the first week of September, making a card from the first sketch for BluePrints One.  Week two will be sketch two and so on.  In October we'll be using Blueprints Two... In November, Blueprints Three...all the way through Blueprints Six... and maybe even beyond!! :)  You can play along with each of the Blueprints, or just join us for the ones that are in your stash.  Sound like fun??

Each month we'll upload our creations to the SplitCoast gallery with the keyword I'll give.  And there just might be a prize drawing at the end of the month, if you play along with all of that month's sketches.  Nothing amazing, you understand, just a little treat from the elf's muse...  :)

So there you have it in a nutshell!  I hope you'll spread the word and be ready to join me here and on SplitCoast for the first sketch on Monday, September 2nd.  And I'll bet if you'd like to play but don't have Blueprints One yet you could still get it in time for the challenge.  Just sayin!! ;)  See you then!

PS... BTW, This isn't an "official" MFT challenge... you know - like the one on their blog with samples by the DT... In fact, if any of the DT play along I'll probably faint!  I just asked Kim and Jody at MFT for their permission to use the MFT name and hostess this challenge, and they said "Go For It!"...  So let's have some fun with this!!! :)  See you soon!!


Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Oh my word how FUN is this! I am SO in!!!!!

Heather Jensen said...

How CUTE! I love the idea of your challenge. I will play along when I can, I only have 2 of the Blueprint dies myself. I always love reading your poems, such a gift you have. :)

teegee7617 said...

What a fun idea! I'm in!

Becky Carafa said...

Loved your poem and the one you got back and your amazing gift! How exciting! Looking forward to your challenges!

zehra said...

How cool Tricia I have 2,3 and 5 I will join then gives me a reason to use them more.

Julie said...

Looking forward to playing along Tricia!

Karen Motz said...

What a FUN idea Tricia! Count me in! You are the most amazing poet!

Janeen said...

What a great idea Tricia. I can join you for BP 3 and maybe BP 7? :)

Debbie Carriere said...

OMG!! This is so fabulous! I think you'll be fainting a few times this week! Hahaha!!

TaraG said...

Tricia, I always LOVE your release party poems...this one with the MFT Elf is fantastic! I LOVE my Blueprints and this is going to be SO much fun...I will definitely be joining in!

Melody said...

How fun Tricia!!

Lisa H. said...

sooo awesome! I had no idea about this sweet challenge you started. how fun! I'll be following along.