Monday, November 01, 2010

Stitching Update & Pay It Forward!

Saturday was my niece's wedding, so I took some time off of stitching on The Stocking (notice the capital letters... I think it now has it's own personality! LOL!) to stitch up this adorable little star ornament by JBW from the JCS Ornament magazine. I actually got about 1/2 done with it and realized that the measurements that I'd cut my material by were assuming you were doing it over 1. I'd been stitching over two and after getting two points of the star done I figured out that it would be too big for my fabric. Silly me! So I restarted over one and it turned out so pretty!

Here's their gift...

Here's my stocking progress for the last two weeks. I only have 29 more days to work on it!!!

And, finally, here is the Pay It Forward from Cath that I received last week. Isn't it fun?? I couldn't figure out who would be sending me something from overseas, but what a treat to find something stitched! So, now it's my turn! If you are interested in doing a Pay It Forward with me, let me know! I will send something handmade in the next year to you if you are one of the first three to respond. You in turn will post on your blog and "pay it forward" to three more people. You can let me know if you would prefer something stitched or quilted or some of my handmade cards. Just so you know, though, I doubt I'll get them out before the first of the year. It's busy, busy, busy around here just now! :-) Be sure to sign up soon!

Pay it Forward gift from Cath

Thanks so much for dropping by today! Blessings!



Anonymous said...

All three projects are absolutely wonderful! Such talent!

Ann said...

I love that little ornament! Somehow I missed seeing it in the JCS, so now I'm going to go look it up.

I'd love to be part of your 'Pay It Forward' project, if all the spots haven't been filled. I don't quilt, so something quilted would be a real treat.

Milly~ said...

Great little ornament! Stocking is coming along so nicely and your PIF is just awesome.

MaryT said...

Really pretty stitching and your stocking is really beautiful!

Mary Louise