Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Close!

Hi friends! Sorry to be missing in action for so long, but with Thanksgiving and company and working on this stocking, I just haven't had a minute to spare! Today is Tara's bday, and here's what she's getting... It's *so* close - but I still need to do all the backstitching on the bottom half, finish the silver across the top, and add in the french knots. When I finish this, I'm going to work on a project that I can finish in a night or two that has *no* back stitching. ;-) I can't say that it doesn't add to it, though! It really seems to just light up with each stitch!!

Thanks for stopping by! I plan to have a card to show you by tomorrow at the latest. :-)




Chelsea said...

it's gorgeous!!!

debby4000 said...

Oh its stunning.

Carol said...

Hi Tricia! Tara's stocking is just incredible--all that solid stitching and back stitching is so time consuming, but makes such a lovely finish... She is one lucky daughter!

Vicky L said...

So beautiful!

Scattered Threads said...

Tricia, It is awfully beautiful. You have inspired me Tricia. I would like to start a stocking but have not bit the bug. Perhaps I could rotate it in my five year plan. LOL. Thanks for sharing and your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely amazing! What a gorgeous heirloom for your DD! I'm sure she will treasure it!
You're almost there!
Sharyn :-)

cristinoel said...

How wonderful! Alost finished and so pretty!

Joy said...

Tricia, it's beautiful!! I cannot wait to see the finish. I know your DD is beaming!

suzel said...

Waouh, very nice and what a work!!!!!
Very cute.
Blessings from France