Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cross Stitch Update!

I am so pleased with my progress this week on my dd's stocking!! Yay!! I haven't had much time to work on the LHN Patience thread pack, but it will get finished sooner or later. :-)

And my dd #2 finished LHN's Winter Whites this week. Isn't it beautiful! I can't wait for Christmas when it becomes mine. :-)

We're off the computer on Sundays, so I hope to get some stitching done after church. That will be a nice way to rest.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you next week!




Scattered Threads said...

The top pic which I believe is the stocking is absolutely gorgeous Tricia; and I could not go without saying a word about your DD stitching she completed. I know you will treaasure it when it is yours; and "Patience" will get done at the right time. I am sure of it.

Teresa said...

great finishes and progress....keep up the great work

Vicky L said...

The sticking is very beautiful! You are doing great on LHN Patience. Your daughter did a great job on Winter Wonderland. It is very lovely!

blueladie said...

Beautiful progress on the stocking, Tricia! Love Winter Whites! I'm so jealous. What a WONDERFUL Christmas present! :) Cathryn

MaryT said...

Really beautiful stocking!

Mary Louise

Joy said...

Wonderful progress on the stocking!! It is going to be soo pretty. Tell your DD I said "2 thumbs!!" She did an excellent job...lucky you on Christmas day! What is planning to do next?

Shawna said...


Tammi said...

Wow, that is a TON of work!!! You do it beautifully!