Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots to Share!

Progress!!! :-) Yippee! I was able to put in quite a few hours on the stocking this week, especially yesterday, when I had the computer off all day. I did make a mistake in one section - some of you eagle eyed stitchers will catch it, I'm sure, but my dd doesn't mind, so I think I'll leave it. :-) My goal is to finish this by the end of November, so I really, really need to keep going. I figure that I'm between a quarter and a fifth done.

Just a little progress on "Patience" by Little House Needleworks... but I have to show you "Winter Whites" that my other dd is making me for Christmas. Isn't it bee - a - u - tiful??? :-) I hope she can still give it up when she's done with it!

Have a blessed week!



cristinoel said...

Oh, so beautiful! So is the stocking.

Carol said...

Wow--that stocking is going to be incredible, Tricia! There is so, so much stitching involved in it--good luck!!

Your LHN WIP is very pretty, too--haven't seen that one before. And how lucky you are to have a daughter to share your love of cross-stitching with. Please tell her that Winter Whites is looking spectacular :)