Friday, August 13, 2010

Cross Stitch Catch Up!

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last updated my cross stitch! Let's see... at the end of July, my dd and I went to a week long string camp in IN. A while ago, I had bought the Traveling Stitcher pattern and thread and I'd decided that it would be my project while she and I were gone. I'm not a very fast stitcher, but since I stitched it on 18 ct Fiddler's Cloth aida, it was an easy stitch, and I was thrilled to be able to finish it the night we got home! You'll notice that I changed the wording some. It's now a Psalm 139 sampler. :-)

The other thing that I'm working on right now is this stocking --------> (No, mine's not finished!!) This is now the third stocking that I've started for my (almost) 20 year old daughter in the past year. The first one was beautiful! A JCA kit of a horse in a stable surrounded by dogs. It was half done when I started to get hives on my hands every time I worked on it. It seems I was allergic to the floss they used in the kit. Either that or I took it to the violin teacher's house & I think she had a cat... After I gave that stocking to my sil, I went back to the Victorian Stitcher's Stocking that I've been showing you, but for some reason I've had trouble with the fabric. Everytime I held it my stomach hurt. Lovely. I know I've had trouble with that before when I come in contact with fabric that is linen or has linen in it. Sigh. The joy of allergies. Well, this stocking kit that I just started is a good old Dimensions gold kit, on good old aida cloth. I'm not taking it *anywhere*. I will stitch on it every day for at least a few minutes, and maybe, just maybe, dd will have it for Christmas this year. Wish me luck!!

Of course, there is the Psalm 23 sampler in an older book by Diane Williams of LHN fame, that I just *had* to get from someone in our group who was destashing... And I have the fabric for it already... Maybe that will become my travel project. :-) Or perhaps I should finish my other travel projects first???? Decisions, Decisions!! LOL!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!



Carol said...

Your finish is just lovely, Tricia! I am so sorry to hear about your allergy problems! I've never heard of a linen allergy--that must be very difficult. I'm allergic to wool and strawberries, but luckily neither of them are used in my stitching! Good luck with your third stocking attempt :)

blueladie said...

Tricia, Lovely finish! I like the changes you made. TFS. Cathryn LHN/CCN group

Rita said...

Beautiful finish, Tricia! I love the changes you made.

Joy said...

I really like what you did with The Traveling Stitcher!! I must put mine on the 2011 To Do list. I am so sorry about your allergies. I have a Blessing for you...just email me!:-)

Samarpan Thorat said...

Very Nice post

May God of Psalm 23 bless you abundantly.