Thursday, June 03, 2010

Something Fun!

One of my projects for the month of June is to make a little quilt. I picked out the fabric on Monday, and maybe I'll have a chance to do some cutting today. While looking around at blogs to get some inspiration, I came across one called Stash Manicure, a fun blog giving tips on taming your stash. That site led me to Cutie Pinwheel who is doing a fun giveaway that has something to do with this picture. Now wouldn't *that* be fun?

So what is your project for the month? Along with my quilt, I need to keep working on cross-stitching my dd's stocking. And of course I have some cards to make, too! I'll try to put up some updates here and there of my progress. Thanks for stopping by!



PS I'll have a Sweet n Sassy card up in a few minutes. Be sure to stop back! :-)

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