Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cross Stitch Weekend WrapUp

I feel like I have *really* accomplished something. I finally finished my first 1 over 1 piece... this little Bent Creek Snowman from the Red Thread series. I was going to do the whole series - I even bought the border chart with the snaps and buttons, but when I saw the completed piece I decided to only stitch the two snowmen, since they were my favorites. If anyone would like the border chart, let me know!

I finished the little snowman into a pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells. It's really sweet and it will be hard to give away, but I already know who on my Christmas list it will belong to!!

About stitching 1/1.... I really don't like it. Although I do love the look now that it is done. I found I could only do it in the car in natural light, and it made stitching not so fun, but more like an endurance test. So... except for an occasional fob or so, (Like the Wool one from LHN which I have on my *must get* list), I guess I'll stick with stitching over 2.

Here's my stocking progress. I'm thrilled that I got all the blocks done and a lot of the border. I'm making progress. YAY! My dd might have a stocking by the time she turns 20!! LOL!

Other than that, I'm working on a pretty bookmark that I want to put in my Christmas box of gifts, I have the LHN Tiny House to finish into a... bag maybe?? And I would *love* to start one of my LHN Thread Packs. Probably "Patience". We're going to get to stop by The Stitching Bee next week and pick up the Robin Hood pattern for my dd, too. That looks like a fun stitch!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Be sure to stop back for more Clear Dollar Sneak Peeks tomorrow!


Gayle said...

Your snowman is beautiful. I am not a fan of 1 over 1. It does look nice tho. How do you crush the walnut shells? The stocking is coming along and I like the color choices.
Happy Stitching,

Joan Ervin said...

Your little snowman is adorable, Tricia....someone is going to be very happy come Christmas!!! Love your DD's stocking, too...quite an ambitious undertaking!!! I can't wait to see the finished project!!

Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

your snowman finish is darling! Slow and steady wins the race, that's what my mom always said, looks like your progress on the stocking is going well!

Carolyn McNeil said...

The snowman is great! If it isn't fun to do, though, it isn't a hobby! I agree with you - stick to what you enjoy - there are too many chores in life already!
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