Monday, February 16, 2009

More Dragons

Here's my son's valentine from yesterday.  Have I *mentioned* how much I love these dragons from High Hopes?????? {smiles}  I colored the Flying Ace with Copics and stamped the sentiment with one of the first stamps I ever purchased.  I still love it!!  Not much else to the card.  I didn't want to get too fancy or mushy, you know!!  A teen boy can only stand so much of that from Mom. :)  However, I must tell you that he did buy me a Valentine's present the other night at Starbucks.  I admired a cool mug... and he bought it for me.  Say it together now... AWWWWWWWW!!!!   I can tell you this.  I will treasure that ceramic mug more than a diamond necklace!




Melinda said...

LOVE IT! Your dragon and coloring ROCK!!!!

Christi said...

OMG girl! This is adorable!!!

Amy said...

ACE! I love this card!! I love how you tore the corner off and added a button... what a great idea!