Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Needed: One CuttleBug

My, oh my!!  Look what my Secret Magnolia Angel sent to me!!!  Brads and fibers and scissors and paper and flowers and NESTIES!!!!!  I don't have any, and hadn't bought a CuttleBug or related tool since I knew I'd want some of the Nesties and I didn't have $$ for both.  But now I have nesties, so I can get a Bug with a clear conscience!! :)  Anyone have one you're getting rid of, or know where I can get a good deal?  I have a Michaels coupon for this weekend.  I wonder if they have them in stock????

Yippee!!!  Thank you, secret Angel!!

1 comment:

Tammi said...

FUN! You got lots of awesome goodies!! I LOVE my CB & Nesties, I use them constantly...your going to love them too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)