Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can you believe this??

Debbie at Passion for Crafts is giving away Copics (and *more*!) as blog candy. How generous! Wouldn't *that* be a nice Christmas present??? Maybe I'll have my daughter type the comment on her blog. That girl wins everything!!

Look! Edith just gave me an award! Thank you!! :)


I never know who to pass them on to...  I have about 75 blogs in my Google Reader and enjoy browsing them all. :)  

Thanks again!! :)



Sue said...

Tricia! Thanks so very much for sending me your beautiful eagle card- you really made him look awesome! And thanks for your kind words :) <>< Sue (H&S)

thinker said...

Thanks for sharing the news of this incredible blog candy offer! Someone is certainly going to have a lot of fun!!!

p.s. wanted to let you know that I have a special little 'blog award' for you over on my blog ;)