Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stamping on a Budget

Over the next couple weeks - since my stamping time is v-e-r-y limited right now - I'd like to share some ideas about Stamping on a Budget.  This will be a continuing post, so be sure to come back each day for the next installment if it's something that interests you.   :)

So, without further ado, let's get started...


Where do I start???

Before we get into tips on budgeting we need to cover the some of the basics.  What kind of a stamper am I?  How much storage space do I have?  What are the basic supplies that I need?

Here are a few questions to help you as you choose stamps and supplies to add to your collection...

1.  What do I use - or plan to use - my stamps for?  

Making cards?  Stamping on fabric?  Decorating my home?  Scrapbooking?  

2.  Are there certain occasions that I will stamp for more than others?

Will I be making notecards to write to friends or do I always use email?
Will I be sending birthday cards or do I send them online?
Would I make or buy a wedding card?

3.  How much room do I have to store my collection?

No matter how much you love them, stamps are just another "thing" to collect if you do not use them.  Let's pretend that you have a certain space available to store your stamping supplies and see what are the most helpful and useful ways to spend your stamping dollars.


The shoebox stamper doesn't have much time or storage space.  Usually they are busy people who would love to make cards and projects, but can't spare a lot of time and don't want to buy something that they may not use.

There are a few options for the shoebox stamper...

1.  Attend a stamping class.  Classes are wonderful ways to do a complete project in a structured amount of time.  Your supplies are provided, you have minimal distractions and you go home with completed projects or enough cards for a month.

Don't have a teacher in your area?  Feel free to contact me with your wishes and I'll send you a class by mail! :)

2.  Buy a kit.  I offer card kits every month or so (edited 2011... hmmm - would this help anyone?  I could start it up again!),Taylored Expressions offers a kit each month, Stampin Up has Simply Sent card kits.  Kits offer you another opportunity to sit down and make a number of cards or finish a project in one sitting.  You will need to carve out a little time, of course!! :)  Prices can vary from $10 to $60.

3.  Basics for the Shoebox Stamper?  Adhesive - permanent double sided tape works well - and a scissors, to start with.  Other supplies will vary - depending on which kit you choose!

Stop by tomorrow when we'll talk about the SweaterBox Stamper!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Doris said...

great idea! I need some "instructions" becouse I'm a begginer, thans for all tips, I will come back and read more:)