Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stamping on a Budget - Day 6

So far we've talked about the basics that every stamper should have, and we've talked about ways to budget our money. Today we'll explore a different area of budgeting...


Develop a Stamping Purpose Statement. - Why do I stamp? Is it to make cards for others? To participate in challenges or card swaps? To make samples for workshops? To make cards to sell? Your time should be budgeted in relation to the importance of your purpose. If I need the money I make from selling my cards in order to pay the rent, stamping should be a higher priority than needing to complete this week’s color sketch on SCS.

Make an appointment with yourself to stamp. - As you plan out your day / week / month, make an appointment with yourself to stamp in a way that will line up with your purpose. If I’m making cards for special occasions I might only stamp once a month and make all the cards I’ll need for the next month. If I’m determined to keep up with SCS challenges or a blog, I might need to stamp daily. A demo may schedule time to stamp samples once a week, or she may choose to get together with sister demos in the area once a month to exchange cards. A young mother may be lucky to stamp once a month at a Stamp a Stack, while someone in another season of life may have hours everyday to devote to their craft. Take stock of your life and schedule a stamping sanity break where it fits! :)

Be sure to schedule time for cleanup! - This is one of my downfalls (as I sit next to an overflowing desk.) It’s much easier to carve out a few minutes to stamp if your area is clean and organized!

After you’ve made the cards - make time to write in them and SEND them out. If we cardmakers don’t keep Snail Mail alive, we will soon be overtaken with email and nothing else!! Another idea is to take the cards to a local nursing home or church to be used to bless others. Dont be selfish and hoard your supplies!!

Rethink your blogging, yahoogroups and message boards - If there is one thing that can overtake my day it is this. I can easily spend all morning online and get nothing else done. No laundry, no dishes, no meals, no vacuuming, no dusting... And that didn't even include time to actually stamp! Try scheduling "computer time" - just as you would for your children. Go through your blog list and pick out those that match your philosophy and stamping style. Pare down your groups and message boards, making sure that they fit into your overall purpose. If your family sees that they are more important than your computer friends and stamping time, they will be much more understanding of your hobby!

So on that note, I'm off to pick up my house, make menus and a shopping list for next week and plan my day. I have one more day of budgeting tips for you tomorrow, and then some homework. :) Be sure to stop back!

P.S. Thank you for all the lovely emails and comments about these posts. If I can encourage just one person they will have been worthwhile!!


Stacy said...

your post have been very "eye opening" I have printed them and hung them on the tac board in my stamp room, so I hope to start using your suggestions. I need the help that is for sure! LOL
Have a blessed day, and thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Angie said...

Thank you so much for your Stamping on a Budget series. I rarely ever stamp anymore just because I am in one of those seasons where I don't have the time. (I even had to buy a card the other day, the first one in years!) Your list has been encouraging for when I do get back to it. Hopefully I do so before all my rubber stamps crack and ink pads dry up. Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed all of this series! Has helped me to get organized again and have enjoyed getting back into the stamping. Thanks for sharing with us!