Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shew! What a Week!!

Sorry I've been gone so long without warning!! This has been a whirlwind week and I'm so tired - but SO grateful. I mentioned that we got an offer on our house... last Wednesday, maybe? Well, everything flew through and we close on it tomorrow. I think that's almost unheard of!! I've been up at the house all week, cleaning, taking down shelves, inhaling dust, packing and organizing. I just got home this afternoon and I'm beat!! Then I found out that this card is on the featured art section of The Angel Company website! Yippee! I hope you'll check it out!! :)

I'll probably be kind of hit and miss with posting over the next week or so. We have to make one more trip to pick up the rest of our things and then I need to get back into some sort of routine. Thanks for checking in!!


abhall76 said...

BIG congrats on the sale of the house! The card is just awesome!

J-me said...

God is good!! Glad that you sold your house and that you can have that stress gone. We are going to list ours here very very soon so we can get on to building a much bigger house for Alex's needs.
LOVE the card. You should put a link to your new stamping company! just a thought. Keep warm, get some rest and start to stamp again:)