Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TAC Valentine Special & Lots of Kisses!!

One more day until Valentine's Day... Are you ready??? :) I need to make sure I still have cards for my kids. I think I may have sent most of them to other people!! This altered frappe bottle... mmmmm, good, by the way!!... is decorated with some butterfly rub-on's that I got in a "summer stack" on sale sometime. A long time ago. I'm using things up, remember!! :) I filled it with chocolate kisses. Christmas ones actually, only we ate all the green ones in the bag to be sure that they weren't stale. :) It is such an easy gift!! I think I'll be saving frappe bottles this year to decorate for Christmas. (At least it's a good excuse to buy a pack of them every payday!!)

Now for the TAC valentine special!! If you place a $100 or more order by noon this Friday, February 15th, you'll not only receive your hostess benefits, but I will send you a free set as well!! I have two sets available to give away, so gather an order or two from a friend and give me a call or drop me an email!! Be sure to check out the February promotions at , too. There's a great deal on a cardstock collection with an exclusive limited time stamp set, a number of fabulous organizational sets, and the stamp of the month is adorable, as well!! :) Oh - and if you've been thinking about becoming an Angel yourself, this month you get all of the organizational stamps (about $80 worth) free!! Can you tell that I love this company???

Can't wait to hear from you!

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Rose Ann said...

I love how you've decorated your bottle! What a great Valentines treat!