Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rummage Sale Here!!

Hello friends!

I have a few things in my stamping room that I would like to sell to make room for some new goodies. There are 15 SU classic ink pads going for $2.25 each; a Navy craft pad - $2.25; miscellaneous SU tag stamps, background stamps, and word stamps for $1-$2 each; and a set of Hero Arts shadow stamps for $8. I have the NeverEnding Joy set (minus 1 stamp cuz I lost it - $8) and Heartfelt Thanks set ($18) available, as well. Oh - and a few Studio G sets for 50 cents each. I'll probably ship priority flat rate - so $4.60 or $8.90... whichever it would fit in. If you're interested in pictures, please email me this weekend!! I tried to price them for less than they are going for on Ebay to give you a good deal, but I'm going to list whatever is left on Tuesday!

Hope to hear from you!


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi Tricia, What background stamps and colors of ink do you have? Congrats on the switch to TAC. I have had fun reading your blog and looking at your creativeness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia!

Do you have any items from your rummage sale left?

Paper Doll

You can email me at