Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tag... I'm It!!

With all of the fun sneak peeks that I've been providing, I almost forgot that I had been tagged by Kim Hughes of Paper Hugs! Have you been to her blog lately? If not be sure to check it out! Kim designs adorable stamps for Cornish Heritage Farms, she gives great tips on her blog each day and is super sweet on top of it all.

So here we go... 7 random facts about me...

1. I am reading the Sidetracked Home Executive books right now and love them. I've just started a cardfile to help me stay more organized this year.

2. I really, really don't like flourescent light.

3. I love my Mary Engelbreit day by day calendar.

4. I go to Ponderosa and buy Sweet & Tangy salad dressing by the bagful. :) It's wonderful!!

5. I miss Krispie Kreme donuts. There aren't any near here... :(

6. I don't really like coffee, but I love White Chocolate Mocha Frappes from Starbucks. (Hmmm... I must be hungry or need sugar, I keep talking about food... )

7. My cousin, Joel, was the host for Mystery Science Theater 2000. Anyone heard of it??

I'm supposed to tag 7 other people... hmmm... how about I give you the first 7 links that have unread posts on my google reader right now and you go and say "hi" and that I sent you. If you'd like, you can consider yourself tagged, too!!

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See you tomorrow!! :)

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