Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warm Birthday Wishes

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Time just got away from me. I actually applied for a job at the local chiropractor's office. It's a 12 hour a week position, so I could do it, still homeschool (since my kids are teens and can do most of their work independently on the 3 mornings I'd be gone), and it would just maybe give us a little extra after paying the bills. Or at least it would give us enough to pay the house payment and the rent if our house doesn't sell soon. If you think of it, please pray that if it's the Lord's will and would be best for our family, that I'll get the job. We really didn't want me to have to work, but I can see this as being a perfect fit... and I'd been praying about how to meet the extra expenses we have right now. Enough about me!! Let's talk stamping!! :)
Tomorrow is my mother-in-law's birthday, so I put together a little (uh-hmmm.....) low cost present for her. I found these adorable mini loaf pans at Target for a VERY reasonable price (think Studio G stamps...), filled it with a prebaked loaf of Becky Higgins' Banana Chocolate Chip Bread (Post from Sept 25, I think), and tied it up with a ribbon and a tag. I also have a mini cello bag of Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies, topped with a matching tag. I already gave her the bread when it was fresh. I'll keep the Jelly Bellies until her birthday.
Today I get to go with my MIL and my oldest daughter to the big annual craft fair in our area. This is where I get my Dad's Christmas present every year... Amish made chocolate covered almond crunch. Mmmmmm..... I'm only bringing along enough money to buy the candy and NO MORE! This is going to be painful...
Gotta scoot. See you later!


My Paper World said...

What a sweet gift, and I love your beautiful tag!
I wish you lots of luck for the job!

All Pink girl said...

Beautiful gifts ,love your cards too ,Dawnx

Rose Ann said...

What a great gift and adorable tag!! Good luck with the new job!