Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving Update

Oh, how I long to be "settled" again!! We're on week 4 of living with my parents and coming home on the weekends. Hopefully next weekend we'll start to camp out in our new home, but we probably won't really have furniture there until the week following. When I look at all the stuff that still needs to be packed... It's overwhelming!!

One thing that I've really missed is internet access during the week. My folks don't have a computer, so I only get online occasionally when I'm at the library or at my in-laws. On an up note... I get high-speed internet in the new house!!! :) Yippee! No more receiving at 44.0 kbps!!

So - give me another couple weeks and hopefully I'll be stamping away happily again.

Talk to you then!!

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Risa said...

Hi Tricia! Just wanted you to knwo I am thinking about you today! I hope by now you are happily 'camping out at your new house'! Can not wait to see what you stamp once you get going again! Inky Hugs, Risa