Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stamping with Yellow

Hi all! The challenge for last week for the stamping group that I'm on was to make cards using yellow. I actually found the flower center image already stamped in my scrap pile and just played around with some other scraps until I found an arrangement that I liked. :) I think I actually sold or gave away that background image... Isn't that the way it goes!! :) The cute little dragonfly on the yellow is from some sets of $1 acrylic stamps that I picked up at Michaels. I made a number of other cards with them that I really was pleased with. I'll probably be sharing them over the next little while. So... have you stamped lately? The challenge to make three cards a week has been a good one for me. And I find that I really like to make only one of a certain card at a time, rather than a bunch of the same card. I can use up more scraps that way!


Allison said...

This is lovely...nice and soft hues!

Karen said...

This is a beautiful card.