Thursday, March 01, 2007

Messies Anonymous

I dug into my Sell-A-Bration Simply Scrappin' Kit to make tonight's project. I picked up the book "The Messies Manual" last weekend. It was like looking into a mirror!! :) So... I took the plunge and made myself the notebook that the author recommended. I split up household jobs for myself & my three kids - 4 weeks worth! (Don't ask me how long it took... My messy mind does NOT handle that much detail very well) - And I set up two weeks of gluten-free menus to rotate until I find more recipes. I put everything in page protectors, bought my binder & then used most of my decorative paper to make it pretty. You obviously can't use a notebook that is not pretty! :) I like how "springy" it is... but I'm sad that all of my pretty green cardstock is gone now. I don't like the white with stripes as much. :(

We had a snow day today and will hopefully have another tomorrow. Ahhh.... life is good! :)


Debbie Olson said...

I understand about needing pretty notebooks, and you certainly made a pretty one here, Tricia! Hope you are feeling better soon. Ü

Trish D said...

Very nice notebook - at least you can admire the pretty paper daily :) I'm right there with you on the "messy mind," and I'm currently working through "Sidetracked Home Executives"