Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mom's Christmas Box

Wow! That was a process! I received some Christmas money that my husband wanted me to spend "on myself" - so, after much painful deliberation (Is anyone else horrible at making decisions? There were WAY too many choices!!) I decided to get a digital camera. It wasn't a very "fun" purchase for me. I really don't love digital cameras - but I wanted to be able to put 3-D images on my BLOG... so here you go!! :)

This is the card box that I made for my Mom for Christmas, using the Designer paper from the last mini catalog. I'm so pleased with it! I hope Mom likes it. Are you all ready for Christmas? We celebrated with our family on Tuesday night, so I feel like I can already breathe a sigh of relief. Tomorrow we leave for downstate where we'll have Christmas with both sets of parents & all the brothers and sisters.

Merry Christmas... if I don't see you before then!

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mitchells2000 said...

Tricia - I love checking your blog... such cool ideas! And I like that you make your cards a little more simple, so that I can actually do them myself! :-) Merry Christmas to you... you can check out some of the Christmas cards I made on our blog:
Hope you have a safe trip! Heather Mitchell