Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Hot Cocoa!

OK, so I didn't quite make it to Christmas! :) At least I'm at the hot chocolate stage, especially since we had about 5 inches of snow the other day. Most of it is gone now. How sad! This cup and saying are from Winter Wilma, back in 1999. I think that qualifies as ancient in the stamping world! I found a perfect piece of vellum - precut and everything - and stamped it with the marshmallows, but when I put it on the Brocade background it got lost, so I layered a strip of Lavendar (also precut... Yippee for scrap pieces!) underneath. It's a fun card with soft winter-y colors.
Thanks for reading!

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Tracy Durcan said...

This card is so sweet! I can't believe that image is from 99'. I wouldn't have guessed it was that far back, it's very cute :)