Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Big Plans (or Always Check your Tracking Number...)

So I got home from work tonight all excited because my Stampin' Up! order was scheduled to arrive today and I was SO looking forward to putting together my Big Plans planner.  I looked at all the normal drop places... by the garage door, by the front door, by the side door... but didn't see it.   I checked the tracking information and it said that it had been delivered.  In fact it even said that it had been given to the "woman customer".  So I went to the neighbors, but it wasn't there.  I even called my daughter at work to see if she had put it somewhere. Nope.  I was SO sad!!  I called UPS and they started an investigation to find the package.  It would take 7-8 days, etc., etc.

ACCK!  So I decided I wouldn't worry, and prayed about it instead.  And a few minutes later the UPS guy drove up with my package.  "Sorry I'm late, we were really busy today!"  Huh?  And then it hit me.  The date of delivery on the tracking number I had called about was in May. MAY.  This is JUNE.

Sooooo... I had to call UPS back.  Three representatives later (including one that said... "Oh, that's hilarious!!) we had it all settled and I had my box and we were all happy.  LOL!!  What a day!!

I did take the time to put my planner together and start filling in this week.  So fun!!  I'll have more to show you later!!

Have a wonderful day... and always check the correct tracking number!! :)


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