Wednesday, June 06, 2018

A Special Stampin' Up! Card

Have you ever gotten a card in the mail that was so special that you kept it for years and years??  I've had this particular card in my card box for about 20 years now.  That's when I started as a demo for Stampin' Up! the first time.  I was so excited about the products and the opportunities that I sent an email to the home office to say "thank you".  A week or two later this sweet card appeared in my mailbox...

I was SO stunned.  Shelli - the co-founder and president of the company - had taken time to handwrite a sweet note to me... no one special.  Not a top seller or an amazing recruiter, just a mom with young children who - little did she know - really needed a some encouragement.  

Truth be told, that is one of the things that brought me back to Stampin' Up! all these years later.  More and more as I get older I see that everyone needs a little encouragement.  We need to connect on a different level than FaceBook and texting.  We need to know that someone thought enough about us to spend a little time to make a card and write a note and to spend a little money for a stamp to let us know that they are thinking of us.  I love the fact that I have a personal note in Shelli's own handwriting.  I love that I have cards saved that my Mom wrote in when she was alive.  I have a special file of sweet notes of encouragement that I have received through the years and they are still an encouragement every time I read them.

That's my goal as I begin this new journey with Stampin' Up!  It isn't to be a top seller or recruiter - although I would love to do those things.  It's to encourage you to encourage others.  To make a simple, classy card and actually write in it and send it.  Or to make a number of cards to give as a gift.  Or to get some of your phone photos into memory books that can be shared with others.  Or to use the Big Plans planner to schedule time to be a blessing to others.

Life isn't fancy.  Shelli's sweet card was so simple.  Just a bit of embossing, a ribbon and some vellum.  It is faded now and fraying at the corners.  But it still touches me every time I see it and makes me want to leave that type of a legacy myself.  I hope you will join me!!


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