Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Quilt ... Last Quilt

One of the things I'd love to do this week is to finish some projects that are lurking in my boxes. A pillow with a cross-stitched top, framing a cross-stitch, completing an almost finished quilt top, etc., etc. In my search for inspiration, I came across this post to show your first and last quilts and share something you learned on the way.

So... here's my first quilt - (See my cute dog??)

It's really a pretty quilt... only *nothing* in my house is sage green and yellow and purple. *Nothing. Whatsoever.* It lives in the closet. :-)

Here's my last project. Simple and sweet. It lives on my bookshelf. Don't look at the quilting. It's crooked. I don't like quilting. I like piecing. Which is why my last project is only this big and why I have about 10 quilt kits sitting in the closet waiting for me to do them. Sigh.

Just for fun, here's a picture of my favorite quilt. I miniaturized a King Size Thimbleberries quilt pattern and it turned out so cute! Or shall we say it *was* until I scrimped and saved to have it professionally quilted and she quilted it with black thread. Why black???????? It isn't even pretty anymore. It made me sad. I don't even want to bind it. It lives on my quilt rack. As long as you look at it across the room it's not quite so nasty. Just don't turn it over. The back is a light gold flannel like that inner border. And the stitching is black. Yuck. Ugly. Bleah! So what have I learned along the way??? I'm sticking to table runners with an occasional lap quilt or one or two of Miss Rosie's Tuffets thrown in! Well, except for this week when I'm challenging myself to finish a block of the month quilt from... ummm... a number of years ago. Anyone want to come give me lessons in machine quilting so I don't have to stitch in the ditch?? :-)

Thanks for stopping!

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