Monday, August 04, 2008

Stamping on a Budget Questionnaire & Candy

OK, ladies! This is where "the rubber meets the road". We've talked all about budgeting, but now we need to actually face ourselves and think about where we are and where we're going. Here is a questionnaire for you to help you make some decisions about your stamping habits - or at least to help you think through them. I have to sit down with it this afternoon, too. I've thought through it, but not written my thoughts down on paper, and just now I'm struggling with a whole GOB of purchases that I'd like to make. I think this will help me.

So here you are!!


How much do I have available to spend each month or quarter? Will this amount harm my family?

Will I have any extra at certain times of the year?

Are there certain sales or promotions that I would like to save for? (i.e. the new catalog, double hostess benefits, a show you're going to host)

Do I have the basics?

What do I currently need that I use regularly? (adhesive, white ribbon, neutral cardstock, envelopes, etc.)

Are there images I could trade for to extend my stamping dollars?

Which sets & accessories do I have that make me smile? Which ones frustrate me?

What is my Stamping Purpose Statement?

Does the time I spend reflect that purpose, or am I out of balance?

Do I *send* the cards I make?

In this season of life, how can I best find time for my hobby?

Are my supplies organized? How can I improve in this area?

What is my stamping style?

Do I use my stash?

How can I bless others with my stamping?


Hope to hear from you soon!

Tricia :)


Cindi said...


I have enjoyed your series. I have been struggling lately with my stamping stuff and this was a great catalyst to me to clean.

I am on a limited budget and have limited space. I would love to have a whole room for staping, but that just isn't a possibility. I am limited to the dining room table. I keep my paper stored under the bed in my boys room. My stamps, ink, markers, and adhesives are in a buffet style cabinet in the dining room and my fun things are in a rolling cart that is kept in the garage--only the things heat won't hurt.

My problem in blog land. I see stuff I want and think I have to get it. I am getting better at waiting, or selling something I have and don't use before purchasing.

Just wanted you to know you motivated me to pull out 13 pounds of paper, and 26 stamp sets out to list for sale.

Thanks for the motivation and the great ideas.

Cindi in OK

Stacy said...

Wow, those were some tough questions to answer. Thankfully, following your blog, I have already started using some of your ideas. The hardest thing for me is impulse buying, when I see a stamp I like, I immediatly want to buy it although I have stamps that have never seen ink :0(. So I have committed myself to not buying anymore stamps until I have at at least tried all of the ones I already have. I have already started weeding them out, I have a box full ready to go to a friends garage sale. Thank you for all of your helpful hints, I hope to start seeing results soon! You know I love your blog. God bless, have a wonderful evening.
Stacy D.

Carrie said...

just sent my answers and comments via e-mail :)

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. You have some great ideas on here!!

Denise said...

These are very good questions to ask and ones that I seem to find asking myself quite often. Currently I am battling with ordering some Magnolia stamps; Do I really need them? Can I swamp images? Will anyone want the images I have? Will I really use them or will they be a phase? Can I create something 1/2 as good as others that post? Will I have the time and opportunity to use these stamps? Just a few more things to

Doris said...

I've sent you my answers:) hope i will win:P

wendy peatross said...

I've loved reading your budgeting series. Each one has given me something to think about and evaluate what I need to do. Thanks so much.