Saturday, April 05, 2008

Angel Company News!!

Sorry, no picture today, but wonderful news from The Angel Company!! In addition to an adorable Stamp of the Month set, *and* to the fact that you still get double hostess benefits and Gift With Purchase stamps with your order, The Angel Company is releasing 4 Limited Edition stamp sets on Monday - for only $2.95 each with a purchase of $30 or more!!! You just *have to* take a look at them! As a customer I always loved the Limited Edition sets because they were miniature versions of the big sets and I love little things. That's why I make more cards than scrapbook pages - they're littler!! :) These four sets are so useful and fun. I'm going to get one of each. :) And don't forget to check out the Spring Supplement!

The bad news is that the Big Bite CropADile isn't available yet. I think the company that makes it is redesigning it a little because it wouldn't fit in its case with its feet on. They'll let us know as soon as they get them and I can't wait!

If you're at all interested in joining TAC, April is a great time to do it. Drop me a line and let's talk!! :)

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